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Altaffer & Chen PLLC has experience in and handles a wide range of employment matters in such areas as the following:

  • breach of employment contracts;
  • breach of noncompetition agreements and trade secret agreements;
  • denial of payment of wages or overtime;
  • denial of benefits covered by employee benefits plans;
  • employment discrimination under federal and state laws;
  • obtaining emergency relief and in defending against emergency relief, including temporary restraining orders, temporary injunctions, and writs of sequestration in cases dealing with non-competition agreements, theft of trade secrets, and theft of company property;
  • and wrongful termination, including termination for filing claims for worker's compensation benefits, for taking medical leave or for other reasons.

If you are in a dispute, IF YOU WANT TO FILE A lawsuit OR IF YOU HAVE BEEN SUED, Altaffer & Chen PLLC would like the chance to assist you in resolving such matters.

Examples of Representative Cases handled:

Represented individuals and groups of persons in employment discrimination suits.
Represented persons sued by their former employer on contracts not to compete.
Represented persons sued by their former employer for theft of trade secrets.
Represented persons terminated for filing claims for injuries and worker's compensation benefits.
Represented persons terminated for reporting violations of safety and health laws by their employer.
Represented persons not paid all their wages.